Monday, December 31, 2012

Ireland's Banking Crisis Bore The Imprint Of Global Influences, Yet In So Many Ways It Was Home-Made

For the ordinary citizen of Ireland the banking crisis that has engulfed the country for the past number of years had its origins on a fateful night on 29th September 2008 when the Irish Government guaranteed the Irish banking system. But, in truth the origins of the crisis had begun developing deep roots in 2003 with the creation of the Irish Financial Services Regulator in 2003. In truth the seeds of the crisis were sown during the years leading up to 29th September 2008, at which point the Government guaranteed the Irish banking system. But it was on 29th September 2008 that the crisis was in many ways "crystallised" in the nation's collective minds. This is Part 2 of of 2 articles published on this subject.

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Moving to Portugal: Top Five Cities to Live in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries for summer holidays. Increasingly more people are moving here to start a new life, find work, or retire. Despite its small size, this country rewards visitors at every step.

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Nick Stahl was masturbating in a porn store

LA may have almost a murder a day and 1,000 rapes a year, but what they don?t have is grown adults in a store that sells pornography masturbating in private (because it’s better to have them try to memorize the porn and then race home with an erection), but ‘Terminator 3′ star Nick Stahl [...]

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Hiring An Experienced Broker - A Guide

Finding the right forex guide to help you in your trading is extremely important. One of the most important things to look for in a brokerage is their reputation. Forex brokers have to face a lot of challenging situations as most people who lose their money blame it on them. It is not easy to maintain a good reputation in such an environment. Therefore, if you find a broker who has been around for quite some time and has maintained his reputation, it is a sign that they are doing a really good job.

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A/B Testing of Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very interesting thing. There are a great many techniques you can use that can be customized to suit your own specific business. This can also cause confusion to people that are new to affiliate marketing.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Last Year: RIM Dumps Cloud Hosting Acquisition

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Bears remain in playoff hunt with win over Lions

Eli Manning throws a career-high five touchdown passes in Giants' rout of Eagles but New York is eliminated from postseason contention.

Eli Manning throws a career-high five touchdown passes in Giants' rout of Eagles but New York is eliminated from postseason contention.

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Traits of a Successful Small Business Owner

Every business has a different nature and different products or services to offer and that is why the success of a small business as a result of its business strategies. But it is the business owners who make those strategies and execute them to achieve the business goals.

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8 Resources for Free Traffic

Free traffic is still possible! Here are 8 sources to bring traffic to your site.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Social Networks Continue Push For Control

The Internet was supposed to facilitate direct connections between individuals and disempower gatekeepers. Instead, it has become a massive man-in-the-middle attack.

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Make Extra Money for a More Secure Retirement

People are always looking for ways to make extra money. One way to do this is through real estate investing. By investing in properties, you can experience a more financially secure retirement anywhere you want to be. Vacation in the topics, go on a fabulous cruise, shop in Hong Kong, and do many other lifestyle perks. All of these are achievable when one learns to make money through real estate investment deals and learning to use time in building assets and equity.

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How to Become Mortgage Free Faster: Tips on How to Pay-Off Your Loan Quick

Being saddled with mortgage payments can be a load on your finances. Even if you have a low interest rate, your interest payments can add up to your loan amount over a period of time. The longer you pay-off your mortgage amount, the bigger it will get.

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How To Develop Smart Phone Apps - Commission Droid App Builder!

Unless you are living under the rocks, you would have noticed that the latest trend is in developing and publishing mobile apps for users to download. However, how do you make money off them and are they difficult to create? This article discusses the various ways in which you can profit from mobile apps and a very easy way to create them.

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What to Expect When You Apply for a Mortgage

You're ready to live the American Dream. You've cut down on your debt, saved your money, and found the perfect house. You're ready to be a first-time homeowner. One problem... You've never applied for a mortgage before. So, what can you expect?

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Friday, December 28, 2012

FCC streamlines rules for aircraft broadband, promotes widespread in-flight WiFi


The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Report and Order today that updated regulatory requirements needed to provide broadband services on aircraft. In short, the commission has designated Earth Stations Aboard Aircraft -- the broadband modules placed on the exterior of aircraft -- as a licensed application and established a set regulatory process for future providers. What this means is that airlines will be able to select FCC-approved systems, verify that systems don't interfere with aircraft instruments, and obtain FAA approval in about half the time it takes now. The new FCC guidelines should make it easier for smaller airlines to install WiFi on their jets, allowing them to catch up to legacy carriers with nearly fleetwide internet access. This news might also be a mixed blessing for frequent flyers, some of whom see flying as the last bastion of peace in an otherwise connected world.

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Source: Federal Communications Commission

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Is 'Django Unchained' The 'Blackest Film Ever?'

Quentin Tarantino's new film Django Unchained has sparked controversy about his portrayal of slavery. Also, a dispute continues over whether gun owners names and addresses should be made public. And, what are the most underreported stories of 2012? The Barbershop guys weigh in with host Michel Martin for the last time this year.

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Using Search Engine Optimization To Expand Brand Recognition

Some business men and women who are new to the world of Internet marketing attempt to market their site solely through paid-for ads, or second rate articles, without the success they are hoping for. This might work for some businesses, but it is an incomplete strategy that will allow other businesses to steal your thunder. You can make your website more well-known by using these tips.

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Wired Science Space Photo of the Day: Hollows on Mercury

Wired Science Space Photo of the Day: Hollows on Mercury
In the well-documented case of Eminescu's hollows, the image above provides some new insight. Though the majority of the hollows are located on and directly around the central peak, if you look closely you'll see that there are small hollows ...

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Wholesaling Properties: 3 New Niches for 2013

Real estate investors and small business owners are constantly told that they need to be honing in on a niche in order to maximize marketing effectiveness and ROI so what are some of the trends emerging in 2013 that investors can capitalize on and claim as their niches? 1. Relationship Status Changes

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Erase Bad Credit After A Home Foreclosure

Commercial liens are an important part of secured transactions. They give a lender the right to seize a part of property that belongs to a borrower, in case of default. This usually has a negative effect on the credit report of the borrower. So, in order to keep their report clean, they can either fight to dismiss the lien or erase bad credit after their home has been foreclosed.

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2012: The Year of the Home Office ? Best of 2012

Freelancers, small business owners and increasingly even corporate folks are skipping the commute, at least for a few days out of the week. Even if you don't get to officially work from home, chances are you're taking some of it with you when you leave the office at the end of the day. The key to being productive at home is having a dedicated work space - no matter how compact.

Homework: 75 Desks for Back to School
IKEA Home Offices in Every Style
Make It Work: 10 Desks for Small Spaces
Back to Cool: 10 Fresh & Fun Office Accessories
10 Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Desks
Admire It + Acquire It: Calming White Office Nook
Putting the Home in Home Office
12 Accessories to Brighten the Office
Secret Solutions: Hidden Laptop Desks
Make Organizing Fun: Home Office Solutions for Cords, Cables and Devices More

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Top Things to Do in Liverpool

Liverpool offers many fun-filled activities and famous destinations you can explore and experience. Discover the rich culture of the city and enjoy the shopping facilities and areas for nightlife. You may even find hotels and houses for rent in Liverpool to stay for a longer period.

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Spot FX and Forward FX Trading

Sport FX and Forward FX are two forms of forex trading practices used to achieve different trading goals. This article covers different aspects of both type of forex trading procedures.

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Choosing a Photocopier

Choosing a photocopier may require you to consider certain important factors such as how much the photocopier will be used. The next may be the quantity of copies that will be made daily or each week. It is also necessary to know that if the business grows, this will directly affect the photocopier machine. Hence, find out about the photocopier options available out there as per the needs and requirements of your business.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Southern California Close-Ups Travel Guides

These micro-itineraries bring together two or three neighboring destinations to make a single adventure. Others stand alone, like those odd, irresistible Joshua Trees out in the desert. Try a few, and maybe you'll see L.A. anew. Carpeted with sawdust and illuminated by a jumble of neon signs, the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles dates to 1917. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) .mainPhoto { display: none; } .top_image { width: 590px; height: auto; } .top_image_box { background-color: #F2F2F2; padding: 15px; margin-bottom: 20px; font-size: 12px; } .galleryModule { border-bottom: 1px dotted #dddddd; padding-bottom: 10px; } .galleryModule .thumbnail { background-color: #F2F2F2; padding: 10px; margin: 0px 15px 5px 0px; }

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The Rebirth Of Rye Whiskey And Nostalgia For 'The Good Stuff'

Rye was all but pushed off the market by sweeter, corn-based bourbon after Prohibition, but it might be coming back, no illegal still required. Bartenders from coast to coast seem to prefer its intense flavor for their cocktail creations.

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Samsung ATIV Smart PC review: Samsung hits the Clover Trail

Whether Samsung is trying to confuse buyers into thinking they?re buying a laptop, or can?t make up its mind what it is, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC is (mostly) a tablet. Sure, it?s got a nearly full-size keyboard, but the keyboard is included as a detachable accessory. The slender tablet, just 9.9mm thin, is only three ounces heavier than an iPad. Even the CPU, the Atom Z2760 (?Clover Trail?) is Intel?s attempt to take on ARM-based CPUs. Users expecting a laptop may end up disappointed.

The ATIV Smart PC is really a harbinger of things to come. The Smart PC?s performance as a laptop leaves a lot to be desired, but it keeps up pretty well with the current crop of ARM-based tablets, both Android and iOS. But you can still dock it to its keyboard, carry it around and use it as a standard clamshell laptop. It also runs the full version of Windows 8, not the semi-crippled Windows RT that runs on Microsoft?s Surface RT. But it?s Clover Trail processor is 32-bit only, and while it?s fine for web browsing, email and light duty office chores, you?d never mistake it for a full-featured laptop.

The tablet under the hood

When you dig down into the specs, the hardware mix more closely resembles a tablet than a laptop. The system ships with 2GB of DDR2 memory and 64GB flash storage. The 11.6-inch screen is 1366 by 768 pixels. The screen is large for a tablet, but the resolution is more akin to the Surface RT than the iPad?s Retina display. However, 11.6 inches is small enough that you don?t see individual pixels, so it?s not a major issue.

All major controls are on the tablet part itself. The power button, volume controls, a power jack, one USB 2.0 port and a microSD card slot are built into the tablet. This makes the SmartPC pretty self-contained. The keyboard dock lacks any buttons or controls, but does include two additional USB 2.0 ports and a power connector. The power connector is needed, since the tablet?s power connector disappears into the dock latch.

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Help Me God: Positive Thinking and Positive Thanking - Meditations on a Walk to Nursery

Life can often seem hard. The daily grind can, well... grind us down! But sometimes we get a flash of inspiration which helps us see our situation in a more positive way - maybe even in a wonderful way...

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Air Conditioning Repair Is Vital For Businesses

Many homeowners make it a point to get their air conditioning repair issues resolved as quickly as possible. It's important that business owners also take this course of action.

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Advantages of Booking Online Services of Heathrow Transfers

Touring around the areas of London can be a memorable experience because of the great sceneries on the location that a traveler could witness. The good thing is that even if you do not reside in the place, the people around will still treat you with full respect. Since residents of London are already used to the fact that many people usually visit their place from different countries, they show the best accommodations in order to promote tourism.

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Colin Hanks Goes Homicidal in 'It's a Wonderful Life' Parody (Video)

With some help from Patton Oswalt, David Koechner and Weird Al, Hanks channels Jimmy Stewart in a very angry way for this holiday classic spoof.

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Hulu made $695M in 2012, now has 3M Hulu Plus subscribers

Hulu has been able to bring in more than $695 million in revenue this year, and the number of its paying subscribers grew 50 percent, to more than three million. The company also invested more than $500 million in content in 2012.

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'X Factor' Winner Tate Stevens on L.A. Reid, Moving to Nashville and What's Next

The 37-year-old country singer promises a "fun" debut album but first will spend some quality holiday time with his family.

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